not for profit accounting

We have specialist staff and a dedicated team who work in the charities, education and not-for-profit sector. Our extensive portfolio has enabled us to develop an in-depth knowledge of the accounting and broader issues consistent with the specialist sector.

Our client base covers a wide range of organisations including the following:

  • Clubs and Societies, including Community Amateur Sports Clubs;
  • Community Interest Companies; and
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee.

Our Service Provision

Audit and Accounting

Your specific requirements, be it an Audit, an Independent Examination or an Accountants’ Report will depend upon the size of your organisation, but whatever your needs, we can provide you with the level of service to ensure that you comply with your obligations.


We offer an outsourced payroll service, dealing with all aspects relating to the payment of staff and submission of reports to HMRC.  This means that your staff will not need to concern themselves with the increasingly complex requirements of the PAYE system.

Management Accounting and Reporting

We are able to assist through the provision of bookkeeping services, monthly management accounts production and the preparation of budgets and forecasts.

Risk Management and Governance

The concept of risk management, now a key aspect of good governance, is integral to charities and not-for-profit organisations. Our services include assisting clients with the identification, documentation and on-going review of risk.  This we achieve through briefings and facilitation at workshops; using a risk matrix to document and monitor risks and mitigating controls.

Financial Controls and Authorisation

We can review and/or design accounting systems and controls procedures, making recommendations for improvement and providing guidance on documentation and format.

Taxation and VAT

We have specialist Taxation Consultants who are an integral part of our Charities & Education Team. We provide taxation reviews, specifically to consider trading status and VAT issues, as well as Gift Aid advice.

To find out more about our service forNot-for-Profit organisations, please contact one of our team listed on this page or alternatively email:

See related Sector: Charities

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Latest Not-for-Profit News

  • 07/11/18

    Good leadership is the key to all successful organisations! A good board of trustees can make all the difference to the charity’s future, creating a shared vision and purpose. It is important to take the role of trustees seriously, ensuring that the board is fit for purpose.

  • 26/09/18

    ‘A situation in which a person is in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity’ is defined as a conflict of interest.’ Trustees have a duty to act in the best interests of their charity.

  • Charity cloud accounting

    Bookkeeping can become very complicated for Charities, as they have extra requirements for accounting for their income and expenditure (e.g analysis over different types of funds, such as restricted, unrestricted, designated or endowment.)Some charities keep handwritten ledgers, others excel cashbooks and some use desktop based softwares, however, an increasing number of charities are turning to cloud accounting. There are a number of benefits to using cloud based accountancy software to manage your charity finances.

  • 13/09/18

    Gift aid relief is an important relief for the charity sector and can only be given where the gift is a qualifying donation, accompanied by a gift aid declaration and meets the right conditions.

  • 12/09/18

    As you may be aware the Charity Commission no longer publishes, on it’s website, accounts submitted in hard copy. The commission is therefore encouraging charity’s to submit their accounts electronically or for them to authorise their advisor to do so on their behalf.

  • 29/08/18

    The Charity Commission continues to issue new and updated guidance covering a broad range of topics.

  • 05/06/18

    Book a place at one of our upcoming Small Charities Week updates...

  • Updated Charity Commission Guidance

    The Charity Commission continues to issue new and updated guidance covering a broad range of topics.

  • Can we pay our Charity Trustees?

    Trustees are essential to the successful running of a Charity, volunteering both their time and expertise. Therefore, it may be considered only fair that Trustees should be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred whilst carrying out their duties.

  • Independent Examination: What has changed?

    Charity law requires all charities with gross annual income of more than £25,000 to have some form of external scrutiny of their financial statements each year, an Independent Examination or an Audit.