Accounting for landowners

Our firm has a long established reputation for expertise in accounting advice and tax planning for landowners.

Our approach recognises the unique features of a family land and investment enterprise and we work closely with other family advisers to achieve practical solutions to the many issues involved.

We advise on all areas of accounting and tax planning, for revenue taxes, indirect taxes such as VAT and also for capital taxes such as capital gains tax and inheritance tax. We also advise on succession issues, business structures, trusts, companies and long term planning.

We provide these services through a specialist team who deal exclusively with landed estate clients. This is important as many of the planning and tax issues are specialist and it is essential to consider all aspects of the family and its affairs in much of our work.

Landed estates often include substantial agricultural enterprises, or diversifications based on agricultural businesses. Our expertise in this area is often critical in advising on these aspects.

We believe that our integrated, specialist approach enables us to give the best advice, taking into account the long term objectives and aspirations of the family members.

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Latest Estates News

  • 15/06/17

    Agricultural Property Relief (APR) and Business Property Relief (BPR) can be a valuable inheritance tax relief for farming families, but to qualify for this farmers need to ensure that their affairs are structured appropriately. 

  • 12/05/17

    April 2017 has seen the introduction a new form of Inheritance Tax relief...

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    We are pleased to be attending the following Agricultural Shows...

  • 16/03/17

    Here you can find some pictures of Sunday 12th March, when members of our Estates team proudly sponsored the Flint and Denbigh Hunt point to point at Bangor-On-Dee.

  • 20/02/17

    What does 2017 hold, in particular for those working in the agriculture sector? 

  • 13/01/17

    VAT in connection with converting a commercial property for residential use is a complex area. It is important to get it right so as to avoid any nasty surprises and to reduce the construction costs associated with the project.

  • 02/12/16

    The tax treatment of the cost of purchasing capital items such as furniture, carpets and white goods for landlords with residential property has changed...

  • 26/09/16

    A new additional stamp duty charge of 3% over and above the normal rate came into effect 1st April 2016...

  • Colin Jones

     Cloud Accounting is essentially the use of online accounting software that stores your data and software in the ‘cloud’, Colin Jones continue to explain how this development could help you.

  • David Morris

    In December 2015, HMRC launched the Personal Tax Account (PTA). This is an early step in the long path the government has embarked upon in its Making Tax Digital project and replacing annual tax returns.