Over 100 businesses attended our Survive, Adapt, Thrive program

We have just completed the final webinar in our Survive, Adapt, Thrive program, which focussed on strategies to help businesses thrive once we emerge from the Coronavirus. 

There will be many lessons that business leaders can learn from the challenges they have faced during the outbreak and we aim to support our clients in taking those lesson on board and applying them into the future.  

For some this may mean subtle changes to make sure their business model is fit for a post Covid-19 world, while others may need to undertake a root and branch overhaul of their whole business to ensure it is able to thrive and take advantage of the opportunities the future will undoubtedly hold.  

For all however it will be key to remain focussed on the long term vision for their business and ensuring they are ready to go as soon as the lockdown eases and not to wait until then before working out what actions they need to take.

The coaching relationships being built over the course of the program continue to be one of the many positive aspects of the feedback we are receiving.  It is important for business leaders to realise that they do not have to be alone, and that support and guidance is available to help them to navigate the many and varied challenges the outbreak has presented.

Free access to catch up

We have made the webinars and handouts accessible via our website, so if you would like to catch up with the program or speak to WR Coach about your strategy.

Start the program today here

Local Business Survey

We ran a survey at the start of the program and gathered feedback from over 100 Business Leaders based across Shropshire, North & Mid Wale.

The results show that, like in every economic downturn, the headline figures for gross domestic product are no more than average of the impact on all businesses. The real-world impact on any given business can vary widely.

The results are shown in the chart below:

We also asked the Business leaders about how they were feeling right now. The responses showed the full range of emotions from great anger, through a feeling of limbo and being stressed and depressed all the way to those who were excited by the challenge and feeling positive (cautiously or otherwise).  

Underlying many of the responses however was a clear indication of the determination to make sure their business came through in some form once we reach the other side. This has come through very clearly in many of the one to one conversations that the attendees on the program have been having with their allocated WR coaches.  


26 May 2020 | Written by Paul Brown, Tax Partner & Heather Corbett, New Business Manager.

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