Helpful Guide to the Coronavirus Government Support Schemes for Businesses

Over the past 3 months the government has responded to the devastating financial impact of Covid-19 on businesses with a number of packages of support to help businesses of all sizes – SMEs, the self-employed and also larger businesses.

Ranging from support to help pay employees and business owners, to grants and loans and also tax deferral schemes, the packages of support have been wide-reaching. However, with changes being made to some of the support and deadlines looming for businesses to apply for some elements of support, many are confused about what support is available and how to access it.

To help businesses understand the support available to them, we have created a handy guide for businesses of all sizes. The guide includes details of all the packages of support available and includes links to apply for support under the various schemes.

Our guide includes information about all the schemes under the headings:
• Support to pay your employees/staff / yourself;
• Support with payment of taxes/rates; and
• Access to funds/money – grants and loans.

We have also highlighted where there are changes the support available.

Click here for the full guide

Here to Help 

Contact your normal WR Service Delivery Manager if you have any questions in the first instance or email for all Coronavirus queries.

05 June 2020 | In partnership with UK200 Group

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