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Over 100 businesses attended our live Survive, Adapt, Thrive program

We have now filmed the final webinar in our Survive, Adapt, Thrive program, which focussed on strategies to help businesses thrive once we emerge from the Coronavirus.


There will be many lessons that business leaders can learn from the challenges they have faced during the outbreak and we aim to support our clients in taking those lesson on board and applying them into the future.  For some this may mean subtle changes to make sure their business model is fit for a post-COVID-19 world, while others may need to undertake a root and branch overhaul of their whole business to ensure it is able to thrive and take advantage of the opportunities the future will undoubtedly hold.  For all, however, it will be key to remain focussed on the long term vision for their business and ensuring they are ready to go as soon as the lockdown eases and not to wait until then before working out what actions they need to take.

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Is your HR ready for what's next?

With many businesses now looking to find their place in the ‘new-normal’ world we are set to live in, we have realised there will be an increased focus on HR for many businesses. 

July 1st will welcome flexible furlough, which enables employers to bring back furloughed staff on a part time basis. Over the following months, the scheme is designed to be phased out in line with the Government’s expectations of the economy returning to a more normal state. However, the harsh reality for many businesses is that these changes will add an extra cost at a time when their turnover has not yet begun to recover.

We want to support you and your business through this time and will be offering HR advice and guidance more consistently going forward. If you would like to receive our updates, which will cover redundancy/furlough and how to get your teams back together safely and thriving, then please sign up for our HR newsletter here...
To assess your readiness to deal with the many HR and finance issues arising as we emerge from lockdown and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme begins to be phased out we have prepared a brief questionnaire to highlight key areas where you may need further support.